Playlist Vol. 2 – Drift

This week we turn to a theme a bit less rooted in reality – drift. Think etheral, floaty tracks to take you to another land… or something. Also, watch out for the copious amounts of reverb. A mixture of some well known, and some less well know artists to tickle your unconscious. Lie back, maybe, … Continue reading

Forgotten Monuments of Yugoslavia

These retro-futurist, brutalist concrete structures are relics from another age, comissioned by former Yugoslavian president Tito in the 60s & 70s as monuments to battles from the second world war and sites of concentration camps. Tito and the Partisans managed to liberate Yugoslavia from the Nazis without direct Soviet help. After breaking with Stalin in … Continue reading

Some thoughts on the green debate- Globalsapian exhibition review

Just got back from Globalsapiens exhibition at CADS in Sheffield, which is free and well worth a look if you want to pass some time on a rainy August afternoon. However, whilst it is heartening to see many DIY anti-capitalist projects springing up in various ways across the city, I do have a few criticisms. … Continue reading

Parkour in Mardin

a scouser jumping around the Turkish city of Mardin. Super cool. Apart from the not-so-discreet red bull sponsorship…

Playlist Vol.1 – Riot

Hey this is our first playlist – we’re gonna try and post a playlist every sunday (let’s see!). The theme this week is RIOT inspired by recent events in England. Feel free to post your own riot-anthems and we hope you can enjoy ours whilst you watch the punitive sentences being handed out on the … Continue reading